The Different Features Available In Digital Video Baby Monitors

While baby monitors have been giving parents piece of mind with the ability to hear their baby without seeing them from various locations in the home, advancements in electronic technology have now made it possible to not only hear, but also see your baby when you are not in the room with digital video baby monitors. These monitors give parents the benefit of not only listening for the sounds of their baby stirring, but also the ability to view them and ensure that they are resting safely. If you are interested in purchasing a baby monitor, it will be beneficial for you to research your options when in comes to the different features available in various digital video monitors.

Baby Monitors and their Different Viewing Capabilities

Video baby monitors are available that allow you to view your baby on a television set when they are plugged in, the most widely sold video monitors today are wireless battery operated devices that come with a built in LCD monitor allowing them to be carried with you to any room of your home. The size of the screen varies among the different models and typically ranges from approximately two and a half to three and half inches. Portable video baby monitors typically come with the option to view the display in color or black and white. The black and white option is beneficial for extending the battery life as the color requires more power.

One of the more popular and beneficial features of the latest video monitors is the infra-red technology which allows you the ability to see in the room when it is dark. This night viewing feature allows you to monitor your baby throughout the night when they are sleeping to ensure that they are still sleeping soundly and are maintaining a safe sleeping position. Another beneficial feature that is available in some video monitors is their ability to be connected to a computer for remote viewing and listening even when you are away from home. With this capability you will never miss out on any significant moments in your child's life and you can also ensure that your child is being cared for properly when you are away.

Sound Capabilities and Additional Features

Another option on many digital video baby monitors is the "stand-by" mode which is beneficial for saving battery power. When the unit is in the stand-by mode, it will automatically turn when a sound is made and the sensitivity can be adjusted to activate at various levels of sound. Many baby monitors also come with a two way microphone that allows you to hear as well as speak to your baby and may sometimes be helpful in calming them or helping them to fall asleep. An additional feature on some monitors includes recordings of traditional lullabies which can be played for soothing your baby to sleep. Many baby video monitors also have the ability to zoom in for a closer look at your baby or take pictures and video recordings to share with your family and friends. High quality video monitors with all of the available features are a great option for busy parents and also make an excellent gift choice for expecting parents.


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